About Us

 Davie Digital merged with Port Displays in 2004, bringing the expertise of one of Adelaide’s oldest signage companies under the same roof as the engraving and printing capacities of Davie Digital.

Port Displays had begun offering high-quality card-writing services to South Australian retailers in the 1950’s. Over the years this developed into the production and installation of signs of all types, big and small. With the acquisition of our first vinyl printer vehicle signage and banners also became a big part of the business. Meanwhile Davie Digital had been engraving trophies and name badges for schools, churches and a variety of Australian businesses. Bringing these two companies together has meant that we can now take advantage of some of the latest technology and production methods.

Our name badge production has now shifted to primarily UV printed badges which can be produced far more quickly than previous methods and have no limitations on colour combinations. A recent upgrade to a large format digital printer has also increased the quality of what our signage team can create. It no longer matters whether your image is 20mm or 2 meters wide, the colours will pop and the details are crystal clear on all of our digitally printed signs, banners and decals. 

Everything from the graphic design to the manufacturing of your product is done in our Port Adelaide premises. That means that you can come in to have a chat with one of our designers, view the materials we have available or drop off samples anytime during our business hours. That said if you would rather stay at home you can also do this all online. Although we are still a small family business we have adapted to the digital age and you’ll receive the same personalised service over email as you would in person. Plus we ship overnight Australia-wide so there’s no delay to receiving your order!