Custom Shaped Badge

For something a little different select a round 33mm diameter badge or a square 50x50mm badge. These shapes can be customised to include whatever information you need, but also work nicely with just a simple photo or logo.

If you would like us to create a design for you please add the Badge Design Fee to your order before you go through to checkout.

We can also create a completely new custom shape for orders of over 50 pieces. Whether you need a star, a subtle curve or something completely unique like an animal shape just send us an email with an example of the shape and the quantity you need for a custom quote.

Select crystal doming to add a raised layer of clear acrylic to your badges.
Upload the text to be printed in an Excel document here.
Please check that the text case, spacing and spelling is correct for each badge as we will print as supplied.
If you have a new logo, a sample layout or photo you would like to supply please upload it here.

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